Query data in production,
no matter where it lives
Patch enables software engineers to build applications with production grade performance & reliability using data from any source, without managing new databases or pipelines to copy data.

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Abstract graphic of Patch connecting data warehouses to applications.

Built to scale

Local productivity,
Enterprise scale, performance, and governance
Data Packages provide developers with the fastest and most reliable way to query other teams' data. Accelerated Mode speeds up queries and offers reliability guarantees.

Performance Mode

High performance cache natively integrated with Data Packages

Instantly accelerate queries without modeling or materialized view configuration

Build confidently with uptime SLAs and schema stability guarantees

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Data Packages

Generated query interfaces in popular runtimes over specific datasets

Schema change management through familiar package upgrade lifecycle

Enforce governance through access policies & scopes

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Make data accessible to other engineers to build production apps

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Rich metadata

All the context developers need to understand a dataset and start coding quickly.


Embed access policies with package scopes, team scopes, or row-level ACL rules.

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Example workflow for data package manager
Graphic of Patch instant APIs.


Pull data into your workflow, not the other way around

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Immediately productive

No more dealing with credential strings or writing boilerplate code.

Robust query interface

Run analytical queries, single row lookups, search, and graph traversals.

Easy schema evolution

Simply upgrade the data package, test locally, and promote to production when you’re ready.


Build reliable, performant, and secure applications. With your data.

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Bring your compute, or use ours

Data Packages connect to all major databases or you can instantly productionize queries with Patch’s Polystore Engine.

Eliminate downtime

The built-in cache and package versioning prevent upstream schema changes or pipeline issues from breaking the app.

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from BankAccount360 import Withdrawals
# Monthly withdrawals by category
results_table = Withdrawals
  .group_by(Withdrawals.category, "month")

Built for security and scale

Enterprise grade developer tooling
Patch pairs best in class security and privacy standards with infinitely scalable architecture to ensure your data is safe and available when you need it.
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Patch is a SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA certified technology vendor and is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Hybrid deployments

Deploy the Patch data plane inside your infrastructure so data never leaves your perimeter.

Secure by default

Multi-tenant architecture securely separates data and enforces strict access controls.

The missing developer platform for the data warehouse

Patch provides compute spend attribution & cost-limited quotas to help your team build responsibly. Create apps of all kinds with fast, secure APIs and complexity-reducing SDKs.

Develop any application

Notifications, CRMs, billing, marketing automation, incident response, inventory management, and so much more.

Ribbon with a database, Slack, and email icon.

Enterprise-grade security

Password-less MFA and tenant-isolated architecture ensures data is safe & secure.

Screenshot of an iphone authentication app.

Get started in minutes

Patch Connect makes it easy for end users to request access to the data warehouse and for DBAs to grant it.

Reduce your compliance burden

Patch's credential storage, access management, and object graph API makes it easy to limit your compliance exposure.

A Data Team and GTM team collaboration graphic.

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