Get the most from your data warehouse

Get the most from your data warehouse

You’ve invested a lot in your data warehouse. Patch helps you efficiently run your most intensive workloads, like those powering customer-facing features and expensive batch jobs.

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Predictable costs

The cost-effective way to query data warehouses with low latency

Datasets are backed by a modular compute engine to improve performance, limit query compute costs, and ensure the reliability of your application.

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Reduced costs

Lower spend by moving from compute-based to predictable instance size pricing for your most expensive workloads.


Improve latency for specific queries on your existing database - from aggregations and scans to point reads.


Protect your app from upstream changes and downtime, while keeping data fresh with Patch's smart caching.


No need to set up pipelines out of the warehouse and manage specialized databases. Patch works out of the box.

Time to market

Instant APIs over the data warehouse

Patch generates APIs and client libraries for reliably querying warehouse data from your application code. Run the queries you want lightning fast without spinning up new databases.

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Generated interfaces

Connect a source, select tables, and publish data APIs developers can use in their code instantly.

Existing infrastructure

Forget building pipelines or new databases. Data packages supercharge your existing warehouse.

Schema evolution

Safely add or remove columns without impacting production applications with our native schema versioning workflow.

Access controls

Restrict the application's access to only the datasets it needs without writing low level database permissions grants.

enterprise ready

Secure and ready to scale

Patch’s managed data infrastructure is SOC2 Type II, GDPR, and CCPA compliant. Or you can deploy Patch inside your own Kubernetes cluster.

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Infinitely scalable

Patch scales horizontally based on capacity needs without engineering overhead to support datasets of any size.

Reduced development time

Patch generates query interfaces and provisions infrastructure so your team can focus on value add business logic.

Predictable costs

Patch's smart caching architecture is designed for production workloads with a predictable cost structure as you scale.

Hybrid deployments

Enterprise customers can deploy Patch's data platform inside their own kubernetes cluster.

It can be difficult to show ROI with data but this Patch dashboard shows that if we continue to develop and show our users their data, they'll bring more product. It’s everyone’s dream to show ROI this easily.

Caio PedrosoData Engineer

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Enjoy unbeatable scale, security, and flexibility. Reduce API development time, accelerate roadmaps, and innovate more with your organization’s most valuable asset — data.

Start building with data packages.