Accelerate your roadmap with lower costs

You’ve invested heavily in your data stack. You shouldn’t need to spin up new databases or hire more engineers to unlock its value. Data packages supercharge your existing teams and infrastructure.

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Build data applications, scale to any workload.

With configurable compute optimizations, Patch's developer platform enable your teams to quickly ship APIs, features, and services with your most valuable data.

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Go from tables to code in seconds.

Engineers can define datasets and deploy APIs and client libraries instantly, without wasting time standing up new pipelines or databases.

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Federated governance at scale, with security built-in.

Datasets are encrypted end-to-end both in transit and at rest. Access is restricted using bearer tokens with fine-grained ACLs and optional row-level access policies.

The missing abstraction in your data stack.

Data Packages

No more tedious API development work.

Containerize data products for fast distribution, secure access controls, and the freedom to change infrastructure without impacting downstream application developers.

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Forget building or changing your infrastructure.

Maximize your existing databases with dynamic read replicas. Deploy the data plane in your infrastructure without sacrificing easy configuration or operational overhead.

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Keep an eye on how data is used (& by whom).

Patch’s single pane of glass gives you org-wide data access visibility. Audit consumption, understand who’s accessing sensitive data, and monitor latency. All in one place.

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It can be difficult to show ROI with data but this Patch dashboard shows that if we continue to develop and show our users their data, they'll bring more product. It’s everyone’s dream to show ROI this easily.

Caio PedrosoData Engineer

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3M row aggregate.



Enterprise-grade performance & reliability.


2 level join


Point reads.

Start building with data packages.