Upgrade performance - without breaking the bank.

We built the infrastructure, so you don’t have to. Accelerate queries, eliminate downtime, and build new data features fast, without adding headcount. All with a SOC2, GDPR, and HIPAA-compliant platform.

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3M row aggregates
Point reads

Introducing the get out of jail card for your infra.

Fast & reliable

Our zero-config query engine offers consumer-grade speed and availability for your most critical production workloads.

Predictable costs

The smart cache unlocks capacity-based pricing so you can launch confidently without surprises.

Your cloud (or ours)

Secure and compliant by default, our serverless infrastructure can be deployed in your environment without sacrificing usability.

Works with all major data warehouses


Accelerate data warehouse queries, without driving up compute costs.

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Dynamically scalable.

As your data grows, our engine scales horizontally and automatically so you never have to worry about breakpoints.

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No modeling or pre-configuration.

Our acceleration engine intelligently optimizes performance based on dataset characteristics and query patterns.

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Ultra fast analytics queries & row lookups.

Our acceleration layer is designed to serve complex aggregations and single row reads in the blink of an eye.

Schema Evolution

Shield online services from upstream breakages.

Safe schema evolution with no downtime. Seriously.

Deploy concurrent versions of the same dataset. Apps on older versions continue to function. Upgrade when ready.

Production-grade reliability.

We offer financially backed uptime SLAs with multi-tenant, fault tolerant architecture designed for production.

Always fresh & online

When schema changes happen, fresh data is still served for unmodified columns. Modified or removed columns serve the latest stable data.

Start building with data packages.