Patch connect

Meet your customers where their data lives

Patch’s universal warehouse APIs provide all the building blocks you need to securely connect data sources. Enable users to leverage their data in your product.
Example architecture using Patch Warehouse APIs.

Complete Platform

Integrated suite of APIs for warehouse-native products
We provide everything you need to securely manage warehouse connections at scale, ensure multi-tenant access control, discover customer's table catalog, and integrate data into your application.

Give customers control

Users maintain ownership of their data and avoid creating yet another place to manage models.

Reduce time-to-market

No need to manage integrations or driver layers.  Get started with our pre-built frontend components.

Limit compliance risk

Patch is SOC 2 Type II compliant and manages source connections and data access on your behalf.

Unified Interface

Integrate your customers' data sources using Patch's universal data warehouse APIs

Manage sources

Securely connect to your customer’s data source

Pre-built integrations

Add Snowflake and BigQuery connections with two API calls. Never build a driver layer again.

Drop-in React components

Backed by Patch’s secure infrastructure, our pre-built Source Connect UI component jumpstarts your development timeline.

Use ready made React components to integrate data warehouses

import * as PC from ''

const YourApp = () => {
  const [dataSource, setDataSource] = useState(null)

  if (dataSource) {
    return (
      <p>Data Source: {}</p>

  return (
    <PC.Provider apiKey={process.env.PATCH_API_KEY}>
      <PC.DataSourceBuilder onDataSource={setDataSource} />

Drop React component into your app to quickly integrate with customer data sources

all the abstractions you need

Discover table catalogs & query data

query getSourceDescription(id: "jad238nfns12") {
    tables {
      columns {

Read the table catalog for a given source

Fetch table catalog

Use Patch's Source description API to display lists of tables, columns, and metadata.

Low latency queries & subscriptions

For apps that require superior performance, read data from cache with the Query API. Or subscribe to change events.

Read our API documentation -->

Secure and Scalable

Flexible multi-tenant authorization

Custom client identifiers

Create Patch tenants using your own identifiers, such as account IDs, to reduce bookkeeping overhead.

Tiered multi-tenancy models

Organize your customers, their users, and their data however you like with multiple levels of tenant, sub-tenant, and user models.

The missing developer platform for the data warehouse

Patch provides compute spend attribution & cost-limited quotas to help your team build responsibly. Create apps of all kinds with fast, secure APIs and complexity-reducing SDKs.

Develop any application

Notifications, CRMs, billing, marketing automation, incident response, inventory management, and so much more.

Ribbon with a database, Slack, and email icon.

Enterprise-grade security

Password-less MFA and tenant-isolated architecture ensures data is safe & secure.

Screenshot of an iphone authentication app.

Get started in minutes

Patch Connect makes it easy for end users to request access to the data warehouse and for DBAs to grant it.

Reduce your compliance burden

Patch's credential storage, access management, and object graph API makes it easy to limit your compliance exposure.

A Data Team and GTM team collaboration graphic.

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